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2020 Midwifing the Veils

A 22 Day Priestess Training, Bridging the Sacred to Life's Major Thresholds

The Call

We are calling upon an impeccable and wild group of 22 wombmyn, motivated to deepen into their Primal Priestessing skills and to bring the sacred to life’s major thresholds. Midwifing the Veils is an immersive training in the Priestess Arts, & an initiation into what it truly means to be in service as a Guardian of the Gateways & Keeper of the Thresholds. Thru this training, you will learn and receive tools to Priestess, attend, and support the 9 major Gateways of Life.

Dates & Times

Arrival: Tuesday, January 28th, 1pm in Panajachel, Guatemala 

Departure: Tuesday, February 18th

Our Temple

We gather on the sacred land of Guatemala, a node of ancient Mayan wisdom. We are held by Lago Atitlan- an obsidian lake surrounded & forged by volcanoes.


We are honored & ecstatic to be returning to Chakana Atitlan for our 2nd year. This beautiful community sits perched above Lake Atitlan. Chakana is 40 minutes outside of Panajachel, the largest town on Lago Atitlan. The land is wonderfully secluded & saturated with magick. Chakana Atitlan is blessed with an abundance of clean & vital spring water. Clean drinking water in this part of the world is truly a precious gift.

All accommodations for the training are dorm-style or tent camping. At Chakana, there is limited access to hot water, showers, or electricity. To some, this type of existence may appear primitive. To us, it embodies the primal. This way of living close to the Earth is central to our work as Primal Priestesses & Midwives of the Veils.


That is a PRACTICAL PRIESTESS training. Please be prepared to serve as active participant in this community, chopping wood & carrying water. We will also be serving the local community of Lake Atitlan, as well as the waters & land, through different practical service projects.


Having a low environmental impact is central to the intention of Midwifing the Veils. As we heal the Earth, we heal our wombs & ourselves. One cannot occur without the other. Below are our  sustainability guidelines for the training.

TRASH: This is a low to no trash event.  Pack it in, pack it out. Any trash you create, you are personally responsible for taking with you when you leave the land.

CHEMICALS: No harsh chemicals are allowed on the land. Natural products only, please.

WATER: We hold a deep reverence & respect for water. Water conservation is of utmost important to this event & the land where we are gathering. Spring water is available for drinking on site, & is used with intention & awareness. 

TOILETS: Chakana uses compostable toilets, saving huge amounts of water & communing with the land in sacred reciprocity.

UNPLUG: Electricity is not regularly available on site. There is no wifi. We encourage you to fully unplug from the virtual world & completely immerse in this Primal Priestess Initiation!

Many are called, yet few are chosen. 

This Path is for the brave. 

This Path is for the compassionate. 

This Path is for the ones who's hearts resonate in the land of the Primal.

What's Included

  • 22 Days of Sisterhood, Ceremony, Counsel Sharing, & Priestess Initiations

  • Daily Educational Transmissions Exploring the 9 Major Thresholds of Life 

  • Yoga or Movement Every Morning

  • Ceremony & Ritual Every Evening

  • Intimate Connection with Sisters and Spaciousness to Connect with Nature in Solitude

  • 3 Vegan & Gluten-Free Meals per day

  • Dorm Style Accommodations at Chakana Atitlan

  • 1 Day-Trip Adventure to San Marcos La Laguna

  • 1 Day of Devotional Service to the Community & Waters of Lake Atitlan

  • Transportation from Panajachel to Chakana Atitlan, & back to Panajachel upon departure

  • 5% of tuition goes to WOMEN, WOMBS, & WATER fundraiser, which brings menstrual cups & water filters to developing communities in Guatemala

Sample Schedule

​Each day of the training is focused on one of life's 9 major thresholds: Birth, Blood, Sex, Marriage, Parenting, Divorce, Sovereignty, Death, & Rebirth. The daily offerings are tailored to this specific initiatory rite. 

*9-10:30: Breakfast

10:30-12:30: Yoga/Dance/Movement

*12:30-2:30: Lunch

2:30-5: Transmission

*5-7: Dinner

7-9: Ceremony

*Meal times also serve as space for integration & time to connect with the Goddess in the Landscape & the Lady of the Lake.

What to Bring

This is a PRACTICAL Priestess Training. We will be living close to the Earth & intentionally invoking our primal nature. It is deeply important that you are prepared for this initiation. This path requires impeccable self-responsibility & accountability. A more detailed packing list will be sent out after registration, however it is important that you understand that you will be required to bring all items listed below.


  • Sleeping Bag

  • Insulated Water Bottle

  • Rechargeable Headlamp

  • Multitool knife

  • Medicine: immunity-supporting herbs, gut health preventatives, anti-parasite remedies, lavender & tea tree oil
  • Large Ziplock Bag- This is your personal trash bag that you will take with you when you leave the land.

  • Small sewing/craft kit

  • Supplemental Foods- Protein blend, green powder, nut butters, dried superfood berries, etc.

  • Ceremonial Clothing In: Black, White, Red, & Purple.

  • Warm Clothes for Nights


Midwifing the Veils 2020 is Now Enrolling!

You must apply before paying your tuition & reserving your space in the training.


To fill out your application: CLICK HERE


Tuition Cost:

$2,200 (July 1-October 31)

$2,550 (November 1-December 21)

$2,900 (December 22-January 22)

5% of tuition goes directly towards our WOMEN, WOMBS, & WATER fundraiser, which brings menstrual cups, sustainable menstrual education, & water filters to developing communities in Guatemala.


Payment plan options are available. Please fill out the above application, noting your request for a payment plan, & we will get back to you shortly.

Work Exchange

All work exchange positions have been FILLED!


Thank you for your interest in co-creating with us!​

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